About Us

I'm Alison and along with Paul we started our company Stylishly Numbered Ltd in August 2016.
A few years ago I moved house and started my search for a large house number.  I spent a lot of time looking and researching as I wanted a very large and striking number.  All the numbers I found just didn't fit with the design I had in mind.
Paul owns an engineering company, so we decided to make our own numbers.  The result was exactly what I had been searching for. We decided at that point to start selling our numbers and Stylishly Numbered began trading.
Since we opened our online store our numbers have become increasingly popular.  We take time with the finer details - sharp edges have been removed with a chamfered edge, the surface is hand finished and coated with a weatherproof finish - all this is done with care and attention. The fixings had to be spot on too.  We designed these to give the numbers a super 3D / floating look.
 The wonderful feedback we have received during our first year and a half  of trading is fantastic. We are now working on some other items, we recently introduced our candle holders and offer our customers some lovely products which have been carefully chosen from reputable suppliers.
We are passionate about designing and creating beautiful statement numbers for homes and businesses 
Thank you for reading and we look forward to supplying you with our products soon.






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